About Us

Buchanan County Alliance (BUCOA) was founded in 2023 to stop NextEra Energy from installing a large industrial wind turbine farm in rural Buchanan County, Iowa. We are a rural area composed of farmers, livestock owners, horse owners, and land owners who believe that industrial wind farms will cause long-term irreparable damage to Buchanan County agriculture, hurt local farmers and the businesses that support them, cause harm to the health of both us and our animals, and have a dangerous effect on the reliability of Iowa’s electrical grid.

We are not against wind power in general, but we are against destroying prime agricultural land and harming people and livestock in order to place them. Please join us in our fight to stop industrial wind turbines from permanently ruining the natural resource that is Buchanan County’s abundant and rich agricultural land.

We welcome productive discussion here. Even if you support wind turbines, please feel free to comment on our articles. The only thing we ask is that both sides refrain from personal attacks, foul language, and so on.