New York Bill Would Require New York City to Accept Wind Turbines

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Akrwright Summit Wind Farm, New York
Arkwright Summit Wind Farm, Upstate New York (source: Wolfpoint — Wikipedia)

Legislation introduced by New York State Senator George Borrello (R,C), would require New York City to accept wind turbines at a rate equal to Upstate New York. The bill would block the New York State Board on Electrical Generation from granting a wind turbine permit for Upstate New York unless a permit were also granted for installing a wind turbine in New York City.

Reading from a prepared statement, Sen. Borrello said, “New York state’s leadership has expressed a commitment to making the state the most progressive in the country in its energy policy and conversion to renewables. To clear the path for their agenda, they have trampled on the state’s constitutional home rule doctrine, forcing Upstate localities to accept industrial wind turbine installations even when local officials and residents are fiercely opposed.”

Borrello went on to argue that the beautiful landscapes of Upstate New York are being destroyed to make room for industrial wind turbines, while New York City has not had to accommodate any wind turbines. This despite the fact that the overwhelming amount of renewable energy produced in rural areas of New York is sent to New York City. Although Upstate New York is already mostly carbon free, New York City is still heavily reliant on fossil fuels for electricity generation.

“New York’s transition to renewable energy is going to require great sacrifices and higher costs. Those burdens shouldn’t fall disproportionately on the shoulders of Upstate and Long Island residents,” Borrello said. “This measure is aimed at ensuring all regions of the state bear their fair share of the difficulties that will accompany this transition.”

Source: Ocean Times Herald

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One thought on “New York Bill Would Require New York City to Accept Wind Turbines

  1. It’s interesting how people that live in the big city, wind developers and their lobbyists seem to know what is best for us rural folks. “Good for thee, but not for me”. You won’t find wind projects popping up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City or Des Moines. These projects tend to be foisted on poorer rural areas. And by the way; find me a realtor that is eager to sell a property that is next to wind turbines. At a recent Board of Supervisors meeting, I asked “How many realtors would be interested in showing a home next to wind turbines”? A realtor in the group said “NONE!”

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