Wind Turbine Bursts into Flames in Germany

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Stemwede turbine fire
A wind turbine burns at Stemwede Bürgerwindpark on July 4th, 2023.

July 4th, 2023 — A wind turbine at the Stemwede Bürgerwindpark in Germany caught fire on Tuesday. According to the Stemwede fire department, the wind turbine operator attempted to extinguish the fire themselves, but was unable to do so. In what is basically a universal scene for wind turbine fires, the fire department was not able to extinguish the fire either, and simply had to let it burn itself out while trying to prevent it from spreading.

“Since it was not possible to extinguish the system itself, the emergency services secured the site and regularly checked the area for embers,” the Stemwede fire department said in a statement.

The wind turbine operator blamed the fire on overheated brakes intended to slow down the turbine if it started to spin too fast.

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One thought on “Wind Turbine Bursts into Flames in Germany

  1. And here we go again. They just had two turbines burn in Canada. People need to understand that this will never end. And the bigger they build them? The harder and farther they will fall, flames and all. These things are not only completely inefficient, they are down right scary.

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